PBS technique

surgery for bunion

In the case of bunion, doctor Fonzone uses the PBS (physiological and human approach) technique, which is a surgical treatment that allows a shorter convalescence. The operation, defined as a percutaneous correction of some lacks in the forefoot, is really little invasive because the correction of bones is made only through small cutaneous incisions in which the doctor inserts the surgical instruments which help to do the necessary correction in order to improve the functionality of feet. These corrections consist in the section of bones, open of articulations and other operations which allow the movement and replacing of involved bones.

Therefore, the foot need all its time to be cured. At the end of operation, when the effect of the local anaesthesia ends, patient could suffer pain, always according to the type of operation you did, because it is obviously that more toes you operate, more injury you have and more pain you suffer.

Generally, to treat this type of pain, it is sufficient to drink some paracetamol in the quantity of 1 gram every 8 hours. If this treatment doesn’t work, you can also use a tablet of Contramal every 12 hours. Anyway, the patient has the possibility to choose which pain-killing uses and in case of problems he can ask for advices to doctor Fonzone and his staff. It is important to notice that you have not to exaggerate with the use of drugs, but it is also wrong to not take some medicine if the pain is so strong. In any case, after the operation, the dressing have to be kept dry and cannot be changed until the first check visit will be done. During this time, patient can move and walk, that is to say laying his operated feet, without any particular precautions, be careful about not extra charge the feet and using a special orthopaedic shoes. In some case, the swelling at the feet could also last for some month after the operation. Even if there are some small incisions, the foot could bleed but this is not a problem because the flux of blood will soon and spontaneously end, if you relax your feet. In the same way, it is not a problem if your toes become darken because toes will have their normal colour back in some weeks. As the days go by, he pain to the operated feet will reduce and the ability to walk will increase, in the most natural and fast way, according to the gravity of the operation.