Surgery of foot in Naples

surgical correction of forefoot and backfoot

Doctor Fonzone Caccese Lorenzo is available to make high qualified and specialised operations for solve out the deformity of foot, because he is able to combine his experience with the most up-to-date medical knowledge of the percutaneous surgery. Pathologies of foot can be cured both in conservative way, but also in the surgical way.

For what the conservative therapy is concerned, it is based on the use of orthopaedic insoles, while the surgical intervention is the most invasive solutions which involves the forefoot or the back-foot. Bunion is surely the most common pathology of foot which is present in adult people and it is the main cause that push patients to ask for a specialised visit in doctor Fonzone’s office.

Thanks to his education and experience, the orthopaedic specialist knows all the main and innovative techniques of operations in order to positively solve every deformity of foot.

Some of these operations, nowadays are less and less invasive, allow to make surgical operations in fast ways and without pains. Also the metatarsalgia (which is a pain you suffer at the base of foot while walking) can be cured with a surgical operation little invasive. This consists in the shortening of one or more metatarsus, in order to refresh the right correlation of their length. The surgical therapy of back-foot concerns other types of deformities, such as flat foot and claw-foot. In this case, the surgical operations are more complex and they require operations also in bones and also in tender parts. In this case, it is required also a recovery of some days and the use of some particular supports for some weeks. The surgery of back-foot could be considered little invasive only for some specific pathologies such as plantar fascitis, heel spur and Haglund syndrome.

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