Paediatric foot

eveolution and pathology of children foot

Doctor Fonzone Caccese Lorenzo takes particular care in the diagnosis and treatment of all pathologies of foot in children. His deep knowledge, the specialisation in the foot orthopaedics and the years of experience in this sector allow him to make accurate diagnosis and implement efficient treatment to solve the totality of deformities found in the foot. The majority of children, in the first years of life, have the problem of flat foot which is essential to learn how to walk and to be balanced. During the years, this deformity used to disappear, but it is important to have prevention for children with foot problems and deformities since their birth (all the totality of these problems is called club foot). All these problems have the perfect solution in the surgical operations and if they are found in time, the results will be excellent. 

The ideal moment to have a first valuation of the paediatric foot is between 6 and 8 years. During the specialised visit in doctor Fonzone’s office, the doctor will talk to the child and his parents, he will observe the exploitation of shoes and he will look at the children walking. If it is necessary, the doctor will prescribe also an x-ray exam while the foot is completely charged, in order to better evaluate the status of the potential deformity. In a second moment, when the diagnosis is done, the doctor will decide what type of therapy is necessary: in the majority of cases, the problem could be solved with the help of some support and with conservative therapies, and also in the most serious cases, it is essential a surgical operation.

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