pain in the forefoot

The matatarsalgia is a pain caused in the front part of the sole of foot, which could be individuate in the forefoot or in the central part of the feet. In the majority of cases metatarsalgia has biomechanical causes that is to say that there is an extra charge of the forefoot. The imbalance of the charge could be provoked by an abnormal length, posture, mobility of metatarsus and rigidity in the articulation. Some metatarsalgia have origin from disease of the whole body, from local inflammations or from neuralgic disease of foot. In all these cases, doctor Fonzone is the landmark of the sector with a long-time experience and a great expertise in the treatment of metatarsalgia. With the aim to identify the most suitable treatment to solve these problems, you can be visited in the doctor’s office in order to have your diagnosis. In less serious metatarsalgia, the doctor will choose the conservative therapy, with the use of soft shoes, physiotherapy treatments and orthopaedic soles.

In the most difficult situations, it is necessary to organize a surgery treatment, to restore the normal and right asset of the charge in the sole. Due to his long-time experience and great specialization, doctor Fonzone and his staff will be able to ensure the health of foot in all the situations, also in the most complex cases. To discover all what we do to solve your foot problems, you have to contact our office, filling the form in our website page.