Hammer toe

causes and surgical therapy

Doctor Fonzone Caccese Lorenzo, specialise in the orthopaedics and health of foot, is employed also in the study of hammer toe and other important pathologies. The main cause of hammer toe could be found in a muscular and tendon imbalance, linked with a structural alteration of foot, developed during the years. Other factors could be the habitual use of narrow shoes, a long toe, a trauma or an inherited condition. Among the manifestation of this problems, we can see the pain or the irritation while dressing the shoes, cutaneous lesions, callosity on the toe, inflammation and burning, contracture and ulcers.

They are all painful manifestations that can vary the possibility to have a normal life and that need to be solve in the minimum possible time. Also in this case, in the first status of pathology, it should be used some silicone supports in order to protect the involved area, because they can really help. In the most serious situations, it is necessary the surgical operation which take advantage of new and innovative technologies and little invasive techniques and it could be done in Day hospital.

In some other cases, it is possible to cure in the same time different pathologies such as hammer toe and bunion. The treatment of hammer toe has always been one of the most cured pathologies of doctor Fonzone who has spent the entire life in studying and finding the most innovative surgical techniques in order to guarantee the perfect health for foot and combined articulations. For further information or to simply reserve a visit, you can contact the office through the form in our website.