Hallux rigidus

causes, symptons and therapies

In the moment in which hallux lose its normal functionality, we can talk of hallux rigidus. In the first status of this pathology, this deformity is a sort of defence from the pain; in the more advanced status, it could really become a mechanical limitation, caused by the arthrosis degeneration of the involved articulation. The pathology of hallux rigidus, cured by doctor Fonzone in his office, affect only 2% of population, with a predominance of men between 30 and 60 years.

Among the possible causes of this pathology, there are also some metabolic diseases such as gout, inflammatory pathologies, post-traumatic diseases, articular injuries and micro-traumatic lesions. However, also in this last case a particular anatomic structure of the foot is the cause of the deformity; for this reason, not all the athletes can suffer of hallux rigidus, whose main manifestation is the pain while walking, due to the reduced mobility in the extension phase.

Therapies for hallux rigidus, made by doctor Fonzone, are different according to the status of decline of the involved articulation. The main aim of each operations is always the reduction of inflammation and obviously of the pain. In some cases, the only care with drugs and anti-inflammatory combines with physical specific therapies and the choice of particular shoes, could be sufficient to solve the problem. If the x-ray result shows an advanced status in the pathology of hallux rigidus, with high articular pain, reduced possibility of move, surgical treatment with a little invasive percutaneous surgery, is the best solution to solve the problem. You can reserve, filling the form in our website, a specialised visit in the doctor’s office and you will be informed about all the customized solutions that doctor Fonzone could propose to solve your problem.