Flat foot

PTT disease

Flat foot consists in a stucture characterised by the flattering of plantar arch, which in normal situations of correct position, it doesn’t have to touch the ground. In addition, this pathology can be associated with some problems of heel bone. 

As a consequence, there is an increased plantar track and a complex deformity which involves lots of articulations and could cause other pathologies of forefoot, such as bunion, without forgetting problems to ankles. It is a normal condition in children until 6-7 years and then it spontaneously regresses; also in the case I which this deformity is constantly present in a feeble form, it doesn’t cause any pain. However, the advanced stats of this pathology can cause troubles in the alignment of legs, causing problems to ankles and knees and for these reasons, it is important to have a surgical operation as soon as possible. Even if, this problem cannot cause imminent and serious problems, while children, in the adult age, you can suffer of ankle arthrosis or bunion: as a consequence, it should be suitable the use of orthopaedic insoles to prevent these future problems. 

In the most complicated cases of flat foot, children between 9 years and 14 years, need the surgical operations to solve the problem. Anyway, doctor Fonzone’s office is available to solve and correct every type of flat foot.