Diabetic foot

prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Diabetes causes a shrinkage of arteries, reducing the flux of blood in the inferior articulations, in particular in foot. So, in the developing of this disease, you could lose the perception of foot, which can provoke also wounds and infections that can lead to the amputation of foot.

This disastrous result could be prevented by the periodical observation of inferior articulation and some therapies intended to unblock the involved arteries and refresh an acceptable flux of blood. Doctor Fonzone’s office has the aim to prevents treat and also restore the diabetic foot. The therapies of the specialist are aimed to implement an efficient primary prevention, intended to avoid injuries and ulcers in the foot of risky people. There are also some specific therapies for people who have already lose the faculty of walking, even if, with the most modern and innovative techniques, each patient could restore his ability to walk, with a substantial improvement of the life quality. 

During the first visit, doctor Fonzone learn about the story of the patient: once the problem has been diagnosed, the doctor shows the information to the patient and he implements a path of therapies aimed to cured the foot in the best way possible. In the meantime, he takes car also of the local injuries, making a specific setup of plastered drain, and also some pharmacological cycle of therapy. 

The treatment of diabetic foot requires personalized dressing and a therapeutic plan aimed to obtain the revascularization of the involve articulation. If you are looking for the best specialisation and expertise in foot field, you have to reserve a visit in doctor Fonzone’s office in Naples.