causes, symptons and treatments

Claw-foot, characterised by an increased height of the plantar arch, is a pathology linked with other deformities of foot (such as claw of toes, reduction of the stand surface, variation in the heel bone) and in some cases, it is also linked with inherited and familiar neurological diseases; this is why this problem in the majority of cases could be found in different people of the same family. 

The feeble status of this deformity can become deformities of toes, metatarsalgias and other soft problems. On the contrary, when the problem is in the advanced status, it can cause fascitis plantar, heel strikes, tendinitis and difficult in wearing shoes. In doctor Fonzone’s office, this deformity of claw-foot is cured above all to give comfort for people who suffer of the most advanced status of this problem, which starts at the age of 5 and it develops until the age of 18. According to the gravity of situation, doctor Fonzone can choose different therapies to adopt. In the first status of this deformity, it should be suitable use orthopaedic insoles, but in the most advances cases, it is necessary the surgical operation in order to try to give the feet back its natural structure and have a correct deambulation. 

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