one of the most common pathology of foot

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Bunion is a pathology of foot characterised by the deformity of the first toe of the feet, which produces a lateral deviation of the phalanx. The painful swelling of the internal part of feet, generally called …, is a usual consequence of this deformity.

The majority of people who suffer of bunion, and the consequent pain and inflammation, is the aged women who ask for help to doctor Fonzone Lorenzo. This pathology is at the base of the development of other important pathologies and deformities of toes: in effect, the hallux pushing into other toes, provokes the bending of these toes up to the hammer toes and other painful problems for the right deambulation. During the years, bunion causes postural consequences: in effect, with the external move of the toe, the first metatarsus becomes super agile, due to the lengthening of its ligament, producing a pronation effect starting from the inferior articulation and spreading to the whole skeleton, influencing the alignment of different bones. For example, some consequences of this bunion are the pelvic incline and the bending of vertebral column. Generally, we can talk about postural syndrome cause by bunion

In the treatment of bunion, doctor Fonzone uses up-to-date knowledge and innovative technologies, in order to be able to personalise every specific case to solve out this problem with the less invasive treatments. 

These therapies will be able to give back a total freedom in the deambulation and the end of pain. For further information and for reserve a visit, you can visit our website.