foot surgery


doctor Fonzone, specialise orthopaedist in
the orthopaedic and traumatology of foot

It is possible to find doctor Fonzone in these private clinics, upon agreed with the national healthcare system::

  • BOLOGNA - Clinica Villa Erbosa, Via dell'Arcoveggio 50/2 - Phone 051 6315000
  •  CIVITANOVA MARCHE - Villa dei Pini, Viale dei Pini 31 - Phone 0733 7861
  • LECCE - Villa Bianca, Via Arno 2 - Phone 0832 233311

Access to private clinics where doctor Fonzone operates are also open for people who need to be recovered, upon the agreement with the national healthcare system, which allows that all the sanitary and assistance treatments are similar for all patients. These services allow the fast access to the requested therapy, based on an efficient management of the waiting lists asked by the doctor of general medicine ward. The most common problems that Doctor Fonzone is able to cure are the bunion, tailor’s bunion, hallux rigidus, hammer toe, claw-foot, flat foot, diabetic foot, paediatric foot and metatarsalgia. Once the problem is diagnosed, the doctor shows you the different possibilities to solve out this deformity, with the traditional therapies of with the surgical operation. Citizen can freely decide where to be cured, both in the public structures and also in the private structures upon agreed with the national healthcare system. National healthcare system recognizes the importance of citizen and the right to freely choose where to be cured. The quality of sanitary upon agreed structure is ensured by SSN, which obliges these private structure to grant the authorization to work and it obliges also the doctors to have the professional license to work. The citizen can ask for visits both in the public structure, upon the payment of the potential ticket, or also in these structure upon agreed with the SSN, freely choosing where to be cured. However, it is important to specify that the performances supplied by SSN, through private and also public structures, are only the ones recognised in LEA (essential levels of assistance), defined by the las of November 2001. This means that, if a citizen wants to have a specilised performance, which is not considered essential level of assistance, he has to pay the whole amount of this visit, both in a public structure and also in a private one.