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surgery and illness of feet

Doctor Fonzone Caccese Lorenzo, an orthopaedic surgeon, is specialised in the orthopaedics and traumatology of feet, he has a study placed in Via Manzoni 244, in Naples, but he is also asked for professional advices in lots of agreed upon structures for the surgery of feet. The doctor is always up-to-date with the new techniques of surgery, and also in the new illness of feet, such as bunion, surgery of feet, little invasive surgery, percutaneous surgery, microsurgery of foot, flat foot, paediatric foot, claw-foot, diabetic foot and surgery of hips. You can reserve your doctor’s visit, calling the general secretary at the number +39 0755008625

orthopaedic surgeon specialised in orthopaedics and traumatology of foot

Doctor Lorenzo Fonzone, was graduated at University of Naples in 1979 and he finished its specialization in orthopaedics and traumatology in 19832. He has lots of specializations, that is to say surgery of knees, vascular surgery, illness of forefoot, orthopaedic surgery and also physiatrics and physic therapies. It started working in the orthopaedic hospital in Naples as assistant orthopaedic with different activities in different wards. In the following years, he has worked in Cardarelli hospital in Naples and he has opened his office. Until 2009, he has been orthopaedic consultant in the structure of San Lucia di San Giuseppe Vesuviano, and in 2009 he became consultant for some agreed upon structures for the percutaneous surgery of foot.

orthopaedic visit for the foot

Doctor Lorenzo Fonzone Caccese, has different offices around Italy: Basilicata (Matera, telephone number 3382772824), Calabria (Rende, telephone number 3478337120), Campania (Naples, telephone number 0817283056), Emilia Romagna (Rimini, telephone number 0541319411), Lazio (Rome, telephone number 3927802642), Puglia (Bari telephone number 340 8597620, Barletta telephone number 0883 528147, Castellana Grotte telephone number 080 4968847, Copertino telephone number 329 8729388, Ostuni telephone number 0831 302176, Taranto telephone number 340 8597620). The orthopaedic visit for the foot is necessary if you want to verify the existence of some problems, and in case the result is positive, it is also possible to establish what type of problems you have: flat foot, bunions or hallux rigidus, paedriatic foot, claw-foot, diabetic foot, plantar fascilitis and the heel spur.

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Pathologies of foot

There are lots of pathologies of foot than can affect women and men of different ages, but there some of them that has more effect in the population: for example, the bunion is the most common illness that affects one of two 45agd women, but it is frequent also in the young ladies. Some pathologies have an evolution, that is to say that they go worst when you become aged, and for this reason they become really annoying and in some cases also be disabling. If you reserve an orthopaedic visit to a specialist such as doctor Lorenzo Fonzone, it is possible to have a sure diagnosis of the problem and start also the most efficient therapy to restore the functionality of foot. In same case, it is possible that, in order to have a sure diagnosis, you have to make more specific investigations, such as x-ray or CAT scan, that you will be prescribed by the doctor. In other cases, the orthopaedic visit is necessary to check the evolution of the problem in order to decide what type of therapy is better: the conservative one or the surgical way



The agreed upon structure, with the SSN record where Doctor Fonzone works are only Villa Erbosa in Bologna, Villa dei Pini in Civianova Marche and Villa Bianca in Lecce.

Cliniche private


Doctor Fonzone visits and operate also in the private clinic Casa di Cura Villa Salaria, placed in Via Filippo Gualterio 27, in Rome. The telephone number is 06887004200.